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Yes, we can definitely get your refund. There a specific documents required depending on the municipality

Of course…  your new rates account is created by the local municipality using the deed records and GIS database

You can either log a query with the council requesting a check reading or we can assist by conducting a site inspection, obtaining and capturing the reading

According to the MPRA, property values are calculated on the market value using a specified date. If your property is over valued, an objection can be submitted with the respective supporting proof

The rectification of meter is usually quite lengthy when left to the council. The meter replacement job card is required for processing the correction on the municipal account

The prepaid conversion is fairly simple but does require that you have a smart meter at your premises. If not, a new smart meter must be installed, at your cost, prior to conversion to prepaid

Our core focus is assisting the property owner in obtaining the resolution of municipal account queries. If you have any municipal related account queries, we can help

Our standard procedure is to conduct the initial investigation free of charge. A report and quote will be supplied within 7 working days from receipt of the query

All we need is a copy of the municipal account and brief of the query emailed to

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